A unique "Tree" which produces energy!

This turbine Air-Turbo, patent of Leonidas Kontos who is from Ioannina, owner of the company of energy applications Air - Sun SA

The Wind Turbine Air Turbo is a "vertical axis" wind turbine , which rotates on an axis perpendicular to the ground, in contrast with the known wind turbines in the form of propeller and revolving on an axis horizontal to the ground. This gives to  Air Turbo the opportunity to use any wind direction, even in turbulent flow, spinning, and makes use even of rising or falling steams!

Special property of Air Turbo is its ability to exploit the entire volume of air passing through the structure, minimizing the drag forces, in contrast to the classic wind turbines  in which a significant proportion of air to "brake" them.

Further advantages of:

    * Saves more kinetic energy to the spine  than any other turbine.
    * Less stress in gusting winds.
    * Lower cost per WATT of energy produced.
    * Power generation starts at a very low winds (2 Beaufort).
    * Long life material.
    * Aerodynamic design.
    * The relationship between the operation and maintenance of ranges at extremely low levels.
    * Zero noise in all operating conditions.
    * Robust construction with high quality stainless steel to withstand time and weather.
    * Latest technology phase permanent magnet generator.
    * Rated output voltage: 12.24 and 48 volts.
    * Guarantee 10 years.

Turbine "vertical axis"
Turbine Air-Turbo
Turbine Air-Turbo
Installation wind turbine Air-Turbo
Installation wind turbine Air-Turbo
Energy tree in the square of Ioannina
Energy tree in the square of Ioannina

This model placed in the square of Ioannina has to swing heavily in the air generated by the movement of  cars, and this move creates a negative pressure, causing the movement of air masses coming to balance the vacuum is. In other words, the shock wave produced by the movement of cars, combined with the existing wind turbine to rotate which, thanks to the shape of the building, working with winds from different directions and different speeds.

It should be noted that according to recent law 3851 "On the Acceleration of Development of Renewable Energy Sources  for  tackling climate change" wind turbines are an ideal means to produce and sell energy, combined with solar panels or autonomous and subsidized installation.

Its small size, the shape of not covering a large area, the ability to work continuously with any wind direction and speed and allows the integration into different kinds of structures, from buildings to modern art and zero environmental disturbance makes the turbine Air Turbo ideal for urban use.

Moreover, it has  the form tree element that gives it the ability to integrate easily into the environment, not causing visual disturbance.

In calculations of Air-Sun, an array of wind turbines Air Turbo, located on the main street of the city of Ioannina , would be sufficient not only to supply power to the lighting of the center of Ioannina, but would provide extra power and other various uses.

As is obvious, even better results is the Air Turbo with the  installation of highway where the speed of cars and, consequently, the pressure and speed of displacement of air masses is much greater.

The Wind Air Turbo can also be placed in:

    * Public and Private Buildings
    * Industrial installations
    * Schools (cover 100% of the calorific needs a hybrid system.)
    * Army (autonomy and needs and profit for the Greek army).
    * Units cope with natural disaster.
    * Credits to provide humanitarian assistance to non-grid points.
    * Lines autonomous navigation vessels (non-pollution of the seas).
    * Units rescue mobile and stationary.
    * Cottages
    * Campers
    * Freezing milk
    * Mountain refuges
    * Drilling
    * Automatic irrigation system
    * Desalination
    * Cattle farm  units and barns

* Advertising homes

While special interest is the coverage of arid areas Air Turbo turbines for power production.

The Air-sun, with calculations made, concludes that the installation of wind and photovoltaic systems in 2 million homes could be covered up to 65% of the calorific consumption.

Especially for the production of electricity on roofs of houses, the Air Sun qualifies  the hybrid model, which has the following advantages:

    * Uninterrupted power generation, because wind turbine  can work in situations where the photovoltaic (PV)  does not produce energy (night, rain, storms etc.) and, by analogy, the (PV) can generate power when the wind turbine (W/T) is idle. Indeed, in some cases allow the simultaneous production of energy from both systems. Ideal places for such application is the Greek islands, and in winter the (W/T) can produce power continuously because of prevailing winds and  in the summer is added production from the (PV).
    * Investment security to the sponsoring banks, as there is even more secured energy production.
    * Provision of real autonomy, where necessary, using special batteries.
    * Space saving, because the (W/T) can be installed in very small area adjacent to the PV, in places that do not create shadows.

New Block

New Block