Presentation of main points for the Wind Park in KOSOVA


The size of the Park is scoped for a total of 200 MW of wind power generation .
Park owner is ASTE Kosova Sh.p.k a private consortium that has contracted AIR – SUN to develop the park.


From the preliminary studies, it is evident that this park, with its High Wind yield and its ideal location for easy and quick construction, is an ideal investment opportunity, with an excellent payback period, rivalling the best wind on shore wind parks in the market.

In this financial analysis there is an option to expand to a total of 50 MW with the same revenue yield, an average IRR of exceeding 22 %, with one of the highest feed in tariffs in the world, and with the 20 year guarantee revenue streams. This is by far one of the best opportunities for capital loan or investment, or a combination of both.

New Block

New Block